MAIN OFFICE LOCATION: 253 West Fourth Street, Williamsport, PA 17701 - 570-323-6148


History of The Water Authority

The Williamsport Water Company was first organized in 1856.
The company changed ownership many times. In 1864 it became the Lycoming Gas and Water Company. In 1879 it became the Citizens’ Gas and Water Company. In 1884 control was passed to the Williamsport Water Company. In 1927 the company was sold to Community Water Service Company of New York City. In 1934, during the Depression, the Chemical National Bank and Trust company became the owner. In 1945, John H. Ware, Jr acquired control over the former Williamsport Water Company by purchasing the common stock from the Chemical National Bank and Trust Company.

In June 1946, the Williamsport Municipal Water Authority was incorporated under the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Act and the company was operated by the Municipal Management Company. On September 30, 1967, the Municipal Management Company relinquished its agreement to manage the Authority, and the water facilities from that point on have been operated by local management and personnel.
The Williamsport Municipal Water Authority is under the direction of a ten-member Board.

The Williamsport Municipal Water Authority Water Treatment Plant was officially commissioned on September 9, 1992. The total cost of the project including engineering, inspection, and financing was 25 million dollars. The plant is designed to filter and treat the surface water supplies for the Greater Williamsport Area, serving a population of over 51,000 residents in the City of Williamsport, the Borough of South Williamsport, the Borough of DuBoistown, Loyalsock Township, Old Lycoming Township, and Armstrong Township.

The WMWA maintains a groundwater treatment facility, which is a supplemental water supply.

History of the Sanitary Authority

Williamsport Sanitary Authority (WSA) was created in 1952 with the purpose of treating the sanitary sewage and compatible industrial wastewater of the Greater Williamsport Area.

In 1953, the WSA constructed its two wastewater treatment plants for primary treatment.

$1,133,000 was spent to acquire the city sewer system which in turn furnished the funds for major storm conduit projects to remove much of the storm water from the system

Plants upgraded to secondary treatment in 1974.

Value of total system has grown to over $40,000,000.

WSA operates and maintains the sewer collection system within the City of Williamsport including three pumping stations.