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Watershed Visitor Use

The Williamsport Municipal Water Authority has established a visitor use policy in order to consider appropriate public uses consistent with maintaining the highest possible water supply source quality. Several marked nature hiking trails for the public starting from the filtration plant area have been developed. The public is welcomed to visit the watershed subject to complying with guidelines established to protect the watershed including the following: 

  • Visitors must sign-in at the filtration plant at the end of Mosquito Valley Road;  
  • Observe all WMWA watershed use rules and restricted areas; 
  • Experience the watershed as a Nature Preserve – NO dogs, hunting, fishing, camping, fires, swimming, firearms, littering, artifact hunting, motorized vehicles, horseback riding, or parking in other than designated areas permitted.
  • Visit only dawn until dusk; watershed is also closed during certain hunting seasons, except as permitted through individual permits for deer hunting issued by the Authority;
  • Cooperate in keeping the watershed clean and reporting vandals and unauthorized uses. 

Visitor use policies and rules are periodically evaluated and may be changed from time to time. It is important that anyone wishing to visit the watershed stop at the Water Filtration Plant at the west end of Mosquito Valley Road where the latest rules are posted on the front door near the sign-in sheet.

The watershed area owned and protected by the WMWA is comprised of scenic and diversely forested valleys and mountainous areas. Within the watershed there are remnants of old farms, roads, stone works, and schoolhouse sites dating back before the 1920s when the predecessor Williamsport Water Company acquired much of the current watershed. The Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry controls additional state forestlands in the watersheds and about 750 acres is owned by private individuals. 

The WMWA practices a proactive watershed protection program including control and ownership of land, seeking of conservation easements on private holdings, and patrolling and monitoring for water quality. About 215 acres of private holdings including the largest farms are protected through no-development and agricultural land preservation easements held by the WMWA and Lycoming County Agricultural Land Preservation Board. The WMWA is committed to a long-term effort to preserve the quality and quantity of our valuable water supply resource which is so important to the economy and public health of the Greater Williamsport area.