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Managing Swimming Pool Water

Before You Drain Your Swimming Pool. Know the Rules!

Another summer has come and gone, and now it’s time to close that swimming pool or hot tub.  Before you extend that hose, remember, the water is filled with chemicals!  Here are some helpful tips on how to properly close swimming pools and hot tubs for the year.  Whether you’re a private owner, manage a public pool, or work for a pool maintenance company, these reminders are for you!

Discharged pool water and water containing chlorine or other chemicals can be detrimental to aquatic life if not handled correctly.  These waters must not be discharged to any storm sewer.

When draining a swimming pool or hot tub, make sure to protect Pennsylvania’s water ways by following these tips:

  • Never dispose of pool water through a storm sewer!
  • Pool water should not be discharged into the street.
  • Pool water should be discharged slowly into the grass where it will allow for absorption, filtration, and aeration of the water through the soil.  By draining the pool at a slow and steady rate, filtration will be optimized and erosion will be prevented.  When draining pool water into the grass, be attentive so that the water does not drain onto a neighboring property.
  • Pool water may be disposed of through sanitary sewer system, laundry sink or other plumbing fixture as long as there is no detectable chlorine. 

A factsheet from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) at the link below:

If you have any questions please contact the WSA at 570-323-6148 and dial 2.