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Water Supply and Quality

The Williamsport Municipal Water Authority (WMWA) provides water service to the Greater Williamsport Area, serving approximately 51,000 customers. The primary source of supply is surface water from the Mosquito Creek and Hagermans Run watersheds on land primarily owned and controlled by the WMWA. A wellfield supply near Lycoming Creek supplements the surface supplies with groundwater as needed.

The water treatment plant treats the water from the watersheds and groundwater supplies. The treatment includes pretreatment, conventional filtration, and disinfection to produce high quality water. The pH and calcium carbonate saturation are adjusted to control corrosivity as part of the water treatment.  The treated surface supply water has a relatively low hardness and the wellfield water has a moderate hardness; no softener is required for normal usage purposes.  The water supply is fluoridated. The groundwater supply is treated by packed tower aeration prior to treatment at the water treatment plant.

The treatment plant has a capacity of 12.5 million gallons per day (MGD). The wellfield supply has a capacity of 7.5 MGD. Present average daily demand on the system is about 5.5 MGD, with peak demands of about 6.5 MGD.  The water is supplied through a distribution system which includes over 200 miles of mains, and about two days reserve treated water storage capacity.

The WMWA is committed to supplying a high quality and abundant water supply and complies with all testing requirements and standards for EPA and PaDEP regulated inorganic, lead/copper, organic, radionuclides, disinfection by-products, turbidity, and microbiological contaminants.

Please contact the Director of Compliance, Safety, and Security if you require detailed analysis or the Director of Engineering for specific supply or pressure capabilities.