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Watershed History

mosquito valley school

WMWA Historical Signs

Following the Revolutionary War and early lumbering period, settlers moved into Mosquito Valley in the mid-1800s and transformed the valley into a thriving community with farms, sawmills, stone quarries, orchards, and vineyards. By the late 1800s, the need for a clean and plentiful public water supply for the Williamsport area led the Citizens Gas and Water Company to purchase much of the Mosquito Creek watershed. By about 1910 most of the properties had been acquired and its inhabitants removed. The watershed fell silent and reverted back to the beautiful forested area you see today. Fortunately, there are a number of sources of historical information about this valley including Eugene P. Bertin’s chronicles in the Muncy Historical Society’s magazine Now and Then (1960s-1970s), Early History of Mosquito Valley by John H. McMinn (1886), Pomeroy’s Atlas of Lycoming County (1873), and History of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania by John F. Meginness (1892) which can shine a light on its past. Please see below for historical literature on the Watershed.

As you travel through the old roads and trails of the Mosquito Creek Watershed, you are encouraged to stop and read the signs that have been placed at some of the sites of landmarks from the valley’s history which can give a flavor of what this area was like many years ago.

Please see map below for sign locations

watershed map

We appreciate our visitors practicing “Leave No Trace” recreation, helping to keep our valuable public water supply free of litter and waste, and observing all posted rules and policies which protect our area’s drinking water.

The Culbertson Path (696.88 KB)
The Bluebird Trail (361.4 KB)

Historical Literature on the WMWA Watershed

Pomeroy’s Atlas 1873

Armstrong Twp, Water Co.

McMinn, J.H. 1886

The Early History of Mosquito Valley

Meginness, Armstrong Twp

Culbertsons Tr

Meginness 1892

History of Mosquito Valley, Water Co. and Armstrong Twp

Now and Then -Feb 1890

Streams of Armstrong Twp.

Now and Then -April 1944

Bertin, Origins of Lycoming County Place Names

Now and Then -July 1947

Bertin, Primary Streams of Lycoming County

Now and Then -April 1962

Bertin, Mosquito Valley Chronicles 1750-1950

Now and Then -January 1963

Bertin, Mosquito Valley School 1872-1925, Part 1

Now and Then -April 1963

Bertin, Mosquito Valley School Part 2

Now and Then -April 1966

Bertin, The Remingtons of Armstrong Twp

Now and Then -Oct 1966

Shoemaker, Jan 1967, Stewart, Marble Quarries of Mosquito Valley

Now and Then -July 1971

Bertin, Life on a Mosquito Valley Farm

Now and Then -April 1972

Wilson, More about Mosquito Valley

Now and Then -April 1973

Early Landholders and Settlers of Armstrong Twp

Now and Then -October 1973

Berry, Culbertson Mansion in Duboistown

Homesteads and Landmarks Dincher Tour

a report of the Nov 1, 2011 field trip with Bernard "Mike" Dincher

Homesteads and Landmarks Dincher Tour Map

Dincher tour map